Spazio contract is a general contractor specialized in design and turnkey installations, with specific skills related to the work environment, to the service industry, to the house and to ,the show room. We operate throughout the country, with a complete and highly qualified team. The structure consists of a staff of design architects and engineers, a group dedicated to Project Management, a team of fitters and skilled craftsmen carefully selected and loyal. Working with Spazio contract means having the confidence to see the own need for construction with advanced concepts, advanced solutions, security in processing steps, transparency and speed in the times, guarantees and control of expenditure, realized.



Our purpose is to strictly observe the timeline, the established costs and the agreed quality related standards. Spazio contract deals with the full implementation of a turnkey restructuring project. We are responsible for planning, coordination of the intervention team and for complete control of all operations by respecting all your requirements. We range from small design projects to major restructuration without ever losing the ultimate goal, maintaining the quality of the work.



Our environment should be able to make us feeling good, both at home as well as in the office, where we have always to feel at esse.. Spazio contract guides you in the choice of the right products to implement your project, within a budget that you have defined, and maintaining the quality of the product; moreover, it arranges the supply of all the kinds of home and office related furniture, which can be custom made furniture or chosen by specialized companies within the sector, but always adapted to satisfy your needs.



Our experience and our availability for you. Space contract will guide you in the best choices to optimize and make your space more functional, offering a service based on experience, expertise and selection of partners, with the advantage of being able to rely on a single point of contact for the entire project management.

OUR TEAM make sure that your idea takes shape, without being worried about anything.

"Always create a thing by considerino it in its next larger context - a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment within a city plan."




We work with you on the budget and we respect it through a careful cost control, to avoid budget overrun at the end of the works.



Unfortunately this concept today is not always seen as an added value, however, for our team the words “correctness”, “respect”, “seriousness” are important and indispensible words both in working and private life.



We strictly respect the time in giving the answers, in the preparation of offers and projects, in the realization of the works.



Products and services are adapted and designed for each client, they are customized according to specific functional, aesthetic and budget requirements.



We always work with the same passion whether it is a villa or an apartment, a single office or an office building, a small or large environment; we can work during the night and weekends to be sure to not stop the production or to be operational on Monday morning.

They have already chosen us...


New amateur sports association LEMEN VOLLEY comes from the union between the Almenno San Bartolomeo and Almennese volleyball. Its aim is to operate with the most benefit in the territory, always paying special attention to the youth sector. Both companies have operated for several years, and they have always oriented their efforts to youth involvement believing that the sport is an important social and educational means.

The competitive results are certainly not missed in the last years: it has been demonstrated by the presence of the team in the championship SERIE B2 and by the goals reached by the teams in the various youth categories. Indeed the teams are always at the top or they are present in the final stages; these are the reasons why the LEMEN VOLLEY TEAM is considered among the major regional realities.


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